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10 Simple Ways to Lose Weight Without Dieting

Posted by Brooke Grant
ways to lose weight without dieting

Sometimes the struggle to lose weight can be overwhelming, particularly if you've tried diets and they didn't work or didn't last. But, in the same way that weight isn't gained all at once, it can't be lost all at once. There are several simple things you can do to lose weight and improve your overall health, that don't involve going on a diet or starting an exercise regimen.

1. Swap Beverages

 Skip sodas, including diet sodas, and high-calorie coffee drinks. Instead, drink drip or cold-brew coffee, iced or hot tea, and lots of water. Add sparkling water for variety, or infuse water with citrus, mint, or ginger to add flavor and keep it interesting.

2. Prioritize Sleep

Simply improving the quality of your sleep can lead to fewer pounds on the scale. Practice shutting off the TV, putting aside electronics, and aim for a solid 8 hours every night. Better sleep will also improve your mood, cognitive performance, and overall health.

3. Eat Early in the Day

 The earlier in the day you eat, the quicker you get your metabolism going which gives your body time to burn calories. Never skip breakfast, and try to skip late night snacks. Simply shifting your eating habits to earlier in the day helps boost weight loss.

4. Choose a Smaller Plate 

Reducing the physical size of your plate makes you subconsciously reduce portion sizes, but you will still feel full. An added benefit of this is that you'll be spending less money on food!

5. Keep a Food Journal

 Use a notebook or an app to track your food consumption. Studies show that simply tracking food prompts people to make healthier choices and reduce snacking, even without deliberately dieting.

6. Sign Up for a Newsletter 

An unusual study showed that people who read emails with health and fitness suggestions lost weight over the course of 12 weeks without actively choosing to diet or exercise.  Reading healthy magazines, newsletters, and tuning in to healthy messages from friends on social media helps provide a positive influence.

7. Use a Fitness Tracker

Using a fitness tracker often motivates people to take more steps throughout the day than they would otherwise. Even without making an exercise plan, fitness tracking can instigate weight loss. If you are competitive, you can share activity with friends, holding each other accountable while trying to move more in your day.

8. Take the Stairs 

This one is simple; take the stairs instead of an elevator or escalator, even if it's just for one or two flights. If that doesn't feel attainable, just take the stairs when going down. It adds steps and slightly raises heart rate, adding a bit of exercise seamlessly into your routine. 

9. Cook at Home 

Food cooked at home is generally healthier and costs less than food prepared commercially. Not only is cooking for yourself better for you, but many people find it fun and interesting. Explore different ingredients, learn about new cuisines, and sharpen your kitchen skills. It doesn't always have to be food that seems healthy to get benefits. Cooking your favorite meal at home often has less sugars, oils, and salt than getting the same meal at a restaurant. 

10. Eat Slowly

Digestion begins in your mouth, where your taste buds are. Take small bites and chew thoroughly. Particularly if you are eating an unhealthy treat, take the time to savor it and really enjoy the taste. Eating slowly gives your stomach more time to process the food and send a feeling of “fullness” to the brain, as well as promoting more enjoyment of every meal.

Start to Lose Weight Without Dieting Today

Adopting these little changes shaves calories from every meal, increases calories burned throughout the day, and gently raises your awareness of healthy choices. Lifestyle changes don't have to be huge sweeping systems to be effective; they can be small things, done with attention, every day. Even if you manage just a few of these simple tips on an ongoing basis, it will boost your overall health and happiness. Once your small goals become routine, you will naturally move onto bigger steps towards a healthier lifestyle.



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