Revolutionize Your Wellness with EMSELLA


A Groundbreaking Solution for ED, Incontinence, and Pelvic Health

At Carbon World Health, we understand the importance of comprehensive solutions for health challenges, including erectile dysfunction (ED), incontinence, and pelvic floor weakness. We are thrilled to present the BTL EMSELLA treatment—a state-of-the-art, noninvasive technology designed to address these concerns by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, enhancing blood flow, and improving overall sexual wellness and bladder control.

Why EMSELLA is the Choice for You

Whether you’re experiencing the discomfort of incontinence or seeking to improve ED and sexual health, EMSELLA offers a pathway to improved confidence and quality of life. Our innovative approach strengthens the pelvic floor and improves blood flow, essential for ED patients. Our team is dedicated to your care, ensuring a comfortable and practical treatment experience.

Understanding EMSELLA and Its Benefits

EMSELLA leverages high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology to target deep pelvic floor muscles, promoting thousands of supramaximal contractions per session. This advanced process not only restores neuromuscular control but also significantly enhances blood circulation, which is crucial for addressing ED and improving sexual function in both men and women.

The Ideal Candidate for EMSELLA

This revolutionary treatment is suitable for individuals seeking non-surgical options to address ED, incontinence, and pelvic floor strength. Whether you’re recovering postpartum, navigating the changes of menopause, or simply looking to enhance your sexual health and control, EMSELLA is designed to provide substantial improvements in your life.

What to Expect During Your EMSELLA Session

Your comfort is our priority during the EMSELLA treatment at Carbon World Health. Fully clothed and seated on the EMSELLA chair, you will experience focused stimulation of the pelvic area without discomfort, effectively targeting the issues of ED, incontinence, and pelvic weakness. Sessions are quick, about 30 minutes, making them easy to fit into your busy schedule, with six sessions recommended for best outcomes.

Take the First Step Towards Enhanced Wellness

Carbon World Health is here to guide you if you’re ready to address ED, improve incontinence, and strengthen your pelvic floor for a healthier, more fulfilled life. Contact us today to schedule your EMSELLA consultation. Our experts are committed to helping you achieve your health goals with personalized care and advanced treatment options.

Who benefits most from EMSELLA treatments?

Anyone facing challenges like ED, incontinence, or weakened pelvic muscles can benefit. EMSELLA is especially advantageous for postpartum recovery and those seeking non-surgical remedies for sexual health improvement.

How can EMSELLA treatments improve ED and sexual health?

EMSELLA improves blood flow and strengthens the pelvic floor muscles, which are critical for sexual performance and addressing ED. This non-invasive therapy can significantly enhance sexual function and satisfaction for both men and women.

How does strengthening the pelvic floor help with ED and incontinence?

A strong pelvic floor is vital for bladder control and sexual function. EMSELLA's targeted electromagnetic stimulation improves pelvic strength and blood circulation, addressing the root causes of incontinence and ED.

Is there any preparation required before an EMSELLA treatment?

No special preparation is needed for EMSELLA treatments. Simply come as you are, and our team will ensure your comfort and care throughout the session.

Contact us at Carbon World Health for more detailed information or to address any additional questions regarding EMSELLA treatments. Our professional team is eager to support your improved health and wellness journey.