Medically Supervised Weight Loss

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Everywhere you look — magazines, websites, direct mail, newspapers, TV – you will find hundreds of fad diets and programs promising to help you lose weight. For people who just need to lose a few pounds, these programs may work. But for those who have more weight to lose, or have tried numerous products and programs over the years but keep regaining the weight, a more comprehensive medically supervised weight loss program can help you lose and manage your weight for life.

For successful, long term weight control, a weight loss program must focus on your overall health, not just taking a pill or eating special foods. At Carbon World Health, you will have an expert working side by side with you to help you reach your goals. We will assess your health, lifestyle and goals to develop a weight loss program specifically for you. Your customized program may include prescription medications, hormone replacement therapy and/or supplements. In addition, it will include ongoing weight loss and nutrition consultations and fitness training.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a medically-supervised weight loss program?

A medically-supervised weight loss program is a medical program designed to promote fat loss and increase muscle leading to improved body composition and a healthy body weight.

What are the benefits of a medically-supervised weight loss program?

On our program, you will:

  • Optimize fat-loss

  • Build and strengthen lean muscle

  • Reduce cravings and emotional eating

  • Reset your metabolism to a "normal" range

  • Create a new normal weight

What makes Carbon World Health's weight loss program different from other gyms and medspas?

With most quick weight loss programs, the weight you lose is water and muscle, not fat. However, to lose weight and keep it off, you need to decrease body fat. We understand the importance of focusing on fat-loss rather than the scale as a measurement of a success. Most "weight loss" clinics provide a "one-size-fits-all approach," using ineffective protocols and suboptimal approaches.

At Carbon World Health, we believe there are three necessary components to effective weigh management:
  1. Proper Nutrition

  2. Sufficient Exercise

  3. Optimization of Key Hormones

How are Carbon World Health's programs medically-supervised?

All of our programs are supervised by our Board Certified Medical Director Dr. Rodriguez. Unlike many places where their medical supervision is remote, Dr. Rodriguez is "in-house" and is able to meet with our clients any time. Dr. Rodriguez and his staff implement safe, effective, and proven methods for effective fat loss.

Are Carbon World Health's programs safe?

Your health and safety is our #1 priority. We always start with a comprehensive diagnostic process, including blood tests, to identify how to best treat you. We subsequently use our medical expertise to custom-design a treatment regimen that addresses your medical needs and goals. While you are on our medical treatments, you will be continuously monitored to assure your safety. To date, our treatments have changed the lives of thousands of clients across Wisconsin and the United States.

Why do we check hormone levels?

Analysing key hormone levels are important for our treatment plans which are designed to not only promote successful fat-loss, but to also improve your health and longevity. If our internal chemistry is not optimal, it will be very difficult to lose body fat no matter the efforts placed upon the diet and exercise. Clients who show hormone deficiencies which prevent effective weight-management will be given the option of hormone replacement therapy.

Will I have to be on a diet indefinitely?

Carbon World Health's weight loss program is not all about being hungry for the rest of your life. By burning and eliminating stored fat and following a restricted diet for a certain period of time, you will enjoy long-lasting weight loss results. When you finish the program, you will be able to eat anything you like, but you will find you eat less and crave more healthy options.

What is the cost of Carbon World Health's weight loss programs?

There is a $50 consultation fee. Any client can come in to discuss their goals and learn about the treatment options and whether or not they are right for them. The exact price of your treatment is determined by our physician based on your customized regimen and not only includes the price of the treatments, but more importantly, the skill and expertise of our physician.