CryoProbe Treatment

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Say goodbye forever to unwanted skin lesions. Your confidence will be renewed with this quick, effective and safe procedure at Carbon World Health.

The CryoProbe is a unique precision pen-like instrument that delivers a fine pinpoint spray of pressurized liquid nitrous oxide at constant temperature of -127° F, which destroys annoying skin lesions such as skin tags, moles, warts, pigmented spots, hemangiomas, and seborrheic keratoses.

Now, there will be no more collateral damage to healthy tissue. It’s so incredibly accurate and practical. Our physician will evaluate your lesions and choose the relevant applicator to use for the treatment. The penetration into the tissue is 5 seconds for 1 millimeter up to a depth of 5 to 6 mm in one treatment session. Consequently, procedures typically last 5 – 25 seconds and you can be in and out of our spa in just minutes.

Price list
Skin Tag/Mole Removal -- Single skin tags/moles $75
Skin Tag/Mole Removal -- Up to 3 skin tags/moles $200
Frequently asked questions

How is cryosurgery better than other methods of removing skin lesions?

Cryotherapy requires no anesthesia and has less scarring than other techniques of skin lesion removal with minimal post-op care. Treatment goes quickly and can perfectly be integrated in daily practice.

What types of lesions should not be frozen?

All melanomas and recurrent basal cell carcinomas. Melanoma can spread by any of several means including local, lymphatic and blood. Additionally, Melanoma will change to a much more aggressive form if part of the lesion is left behind undetected. Basil cell carcinoma is typically spread by local extension and you may need more extensive surgery if recurrence is suspected.

Where on the body can skin abnormalities be removed from?

Care should be taken around areas of very thin skin and areas in which color may be cosmetically important. These areasmay include the face, ears, scrotum and lateral surface of fingers.

Can anyone have cryotherapy?

Yes, although cautions about skin type and location should be considered prior to deciding on freeze times. People with high levels of cryoglobulins should be treated with caution. If with really dark skin, one may not want to have cryotherapy, as it will kill the melanocytes around the treated area, making the skin in that area lighter.

Can the CryoProbe be used on children?

Yes. Children are most commonly treated for verrucae and Molluscum Contagiosum. Very accurate stress free effective treatment are the key words there. 

How permanent are the results of a CryoProbe treatment?

For most lesions, cryotherapy is a permanent removal. Some lesions are harder to remove than others. In more delicate places a shorter freeze time with repeat procedures may be required to get a final result with the least damage to the surrounding skin. In other instances a deep lesion may take several aggressive treatments to get final results. It is important to have an instrument that is capable of adapting to variable dosing of power.

Will there be permanent discoloration or hyper coloration?

Since melanocytes are the most sensitive cell type, persons with dark pigmentation or prolonged freeze times in any individual may cause extremely long color recovery or permanent color loss, even after the lesion is healed in other respects. It is important to will be careful when dealing with pigmented spots on dark color skin. Extreme attention is required in patients with apparent high shifts of pigment activity (many spots). The risk of post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation is high in these patients. Always test-wise treat one spot and continue treatment at a checking of the positive result after 3 weeks. Best possible attention should be addressed to the protection against the sun of all treated areas in all cases, disregard the season of the year.

What are the most common complications after cryotherapy?

The treated area is shifting skin and can potentially become damaged and infected if not cleaned properly.

Will patients activities be limited, and for how long, after the procedure?

There are no limitations on activity except to protect the treated area from damage or abrasion. Swimming and showering is not a problem.

pre + post care
After the CryoProbe treatment, please protect the treated area from damage or abrasion.