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The Best Time of Year for Laser Hair Removal

Posted by Ashley Greer

Most of us want a smooth, hair-free complexion, which they can confidently flaunt at the beach or while wearing sleeveless tops and tank tees. But most people also don’t realize that waiting until spring is the worst time to address your hair removal solution. Here are a few primary reasons that the fall and winter seasons are the best time of year to get laser hair removal treatment. 

It takes time to complete the laser hair removal sessions

It’s best to begin laser hair removal at the end of summer, or even into the fall or winter. Laser hair removal requires multiple treatments which are staggered six apart. Once summer has started there is not enough time left to complete treatment before summer is over, but it’s never too early to start preparing for next year. However, if you generally keep your skin covered in the summer or don't go outside much, summer is still a viable--and perhaps cheaper--time to get laser hair removal treatment.

Color of skin and hair is the key to laser hair removal

The dark hair absorbs the heat energy of the laser thereby making the follicle useless. As such, the greater the contrast between skin color and the hair color the more efficient the treatment. People with tanned skin (either by the sun or artificial) are discouraged from having laser hair removal treatment. Using this treatment on tanned skin requires the power of the laser to be turned down, which may result in more treatment sessions. By having treatments during the fall and winter, the overall number of treatments will likely be less for most fair-skinned people.

Laser hair removal treatments temporarily make you more sensitive to the sun

Another reason fall and winter are a good time for laser hair removal, after each treatment, the skin is sensitive to sun exposure. A person having laser hair removal needs to wait about one month after completion of treatment to tan. The waiting period prevents skin damage and discoloration from occurring.

Anyone wanting to throw away that razor forever should consider laser hair removal. A little planning will result in the beautiful smooth skin you desire. Imagine never having to shave again!



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